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We are a top IT services and solutions company in Canada, integrating pioneering technologies like IoT, AI, ML, Industry 4.0, and Mobile App Development!

About Safwan Globaltech

Safwan Globaltech is an IT services and solutions provider and that is customer-centric and excellent enough to innovate and create new opportunities. We are a team of and experts who are on the lookout for challenges, and have experience working on leading technologies, and offer services for all types of start-ups as well as corporate and multinational organizations ahead of the competition. Our motto is customer satisfaction is our top priority.

About us

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Join Hands And Enhance and Your Business With Our Impeccable Digital Solutions!

As a leading solution provider, we deliver an unparalleled depth of expertise with a global reach and the best ROI. Our goal is to assist industries to succeed using our cutting-edge information technology delivered with honesty, integrity, and value.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) power in your business sector. IoT’s explosive expansion is altering how organizations and communities manage budgets, maintain safety, and improve the consumer experience. Keep abreast of market trends. Join Safwan Globaltech Inc today to learn how to innovate in the IoT space.
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Artificial Intelligence

Scalability and quick and effective adaptation both depend on artificial intelligence. Utilize the big data that is available to you to produce results that have a major impact on your business’ performance. With the power of AI at your fingertips, advance in the most efficient way possible!

Machine Learning

Without explicit user instructions, machine learning helps firms to efficiently extract important information from a variety of inputs and carry out processes. With its ever-evolving solutions, automate numerous procedures and maximize productivity!
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Industry 4.0

Modern techniques are provided by Industry 4.0 to dramatically increase manufacturing through automation. By implementing the newest technology and increasing your production, you can close the skills gap. Lead industrial production instead of crowded procedures!

Mobile App

A customizable solution, mobile app development enables the adoption of all cutting-edge technologies to individually address different company demands. Use a mobile app that is definitely flashy to attract customers’ attention! This is the best opportunity to put your company in their hands!
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